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Senseo Espresso Coffee – 48 pods

Senseo Espresso Coffee – 48 pods

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Product name:
Senseo Espresso Coffee Pods

Arabica and robusta ground coffee

Package size:
48 x Senseo coffee pods

Netto weight:
333 g

Suitable for:
Dedicated for Senseo, Philips Senseo coffee machines

Product description:
If you’re into that deep, rich, and intense coffee taste, then Senseo Espresso is absolutely for you. Espresso is not a type of coffee bean, or a blend, or a type of roast. Developed in Italy, Espresso is a method of brewing coffee. It’s a process where in a piping hot, almost boiling water under pressure is forced through finely grounded coffee, resulting to that concentrated brew of coffee goodness. Finest quality Arabica beans that are fully roasted are the most ideal beans to produce that dark intense Italian classic.

You can enjoy an espresso as it is or to amp up your Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, or Mocha. In this busy times, where 24 hours is not enough to get stuff done, who has the time to brew? Senseo Espresso to the rescue. You can enjoy your espresso anytime of the day in a jiffy. Espresso is usually made in an espresso machine or a stove-top espresso pot, but no need for those bulky espresso machines anymore.

Just easily pop in those Senseo Espresso coffee pods into your Philips Senseo coffee machine, and viola! Instant Espresso goodness in a cup. So sit back, relax, and delight those senses with the aroma of that deeply satisfying, velvety, strong Italian style coffee from Senseo Espresso.