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Segafredo Intermezzo Ground Coffee – 250 g

Segafredo Intermezzo Ground Coffee – 250 g

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Product name:
Segafredo Intermezzo Ground Coffee

60% arabica ground coffee, 40% robusta ground coffee

Netto weight:
250 g

Roast date:
28 January 2017

Expiry date:
28 January 2019

Degree of roast:

Most suitable for:
Moka coffee maker

Product description:
If you want coffee with a great character and a wonderful aroma, then the Segafredo Intermezzo ground coffee should be your top choice. Made from beans that were cultivated with experience and passion, this instant coffee will offer you a sophisticated taste, a dose of energy and a real feeling of pleasure.

The Intermezzo is actually one of the oldest recipes belonging to Segafredo coffee, containing a blend of 60% and 40% of Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee respectively. It’s an excellent coffee choice regardless of the occasion.

The aroma is actually enchanting; brewed correctly, it is slightly spicy with a sweet cocoa hint that will take you on an exotic mind journey. The full bodied flavor is also soft and creamy with a chocolate taste, making it a delicacy in terms of coffee. The acidity of this Italian coffee is also soft, so if you have stomach problems, this product won’t affect your health.

This coffee can be used in any kind of home and office setting, and it offers a great deal of value for the money. It is made from Segafredo’s best coffee beans, with a classic yet complex aroma that will make you wait eagerly for your next break.

This product can be used on any type of coffee brewer, but it’s more suitable for the Moka coffee maker. Since it’s a fantastic base for an espresso, you can use the Intermezzo coffee to prepare mixtures such as cappuccino, latte or Irish coffee.