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Kimbo Extra Cream Whole Bean Coffee – 1 kg

Kimbo Extra Cream Whole Bean Coffee – 1 kg

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Product name:
Kimbo Extra Cream Whole Bean Coffee

50% arabica coffee beans, 50% robusta coffee beans

Netto weight:
1 kg

Roast date:
7 July 2016

Expiry date:
5 January 2018

Degree of roast:

Most suitable for:
All coffee machines

Product description:
Kimbo Extra Cream Whole Bean Coffee is imported from Italy and composed of 50% pure Arabica and 50% pure Robusta, medium roast, whole coffee beans. Its dense creaminess makes it perfect for preparing latte macchiato, cappuccino, and fine espresso.

This coffee variant of the Kimbo brand is definitely creamy and rich. It is produced from Southern Italy and tagged among the best Italian coffees there are. It’s perfectly balanced composition of both Arabica and Robusta coffee bean varieties make it taste remarkably delicious.

Taking a sip of this kind of Kimbo coffee can make you feel like you inside one of the coffee shops in Southern Italy. It depicts a medium body taste of coffee with that wonderful slightly sweet flavour, enticing aroma, and refined acidity. This coffee variant is truly delightful in its dense creaminess with that scent and taste that surely appeals to the senses.

This coffee from Kimbo is an indulgent treat for anyone who loves or is fond of coffees. If you favour creamy coffees like cappuccino, latte macchiato, or even espresso, then this coffee will surely appeal to your palates. It works suitably for any coffee processors.

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