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Illy Espresso Medium Roast Ground Coffee Tin – 250 g

Illy Espresso Medium Roast Ground Coffee Tin – 250 g

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Product name:
Illy Espresso Medium Roast Ground Coffee

100% Arabica ground coffee

Netto weight:
250 g

Roast date:
May 2016

Expiry date:
May 2018

Degree of roast:

Most suitable for:

Espresso machines

Product description:
Make a rich and balanced cup of Italian coffee right at your home with Illy’s ground coffee. The product is made by grinding 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans to make flawless ground coffee. The beans used for manufacturing your favorite coffee brands are chosen meticulously by the coffee experts from the best coffee plantations of the world. These beans are organically grown which make them rich in flavor, taste, and aroma.

The product is packed with coffee that is ground to perfection and is best to use with all types of espresso machines. This makes you a flawless coffee enriched with the real coffee spirit; oils and aroma. You can make many delectable coffee preparations with the brewed Italian Coffee and satiate your coffee addiction to the core. The exclusive airtight packaging by Illy’s ensures that you get the natural taste of the coffee till you empty the container. It is pressure packed to keep the aroma and flavors intact. It also has a great shelf life and lasts till the expiry date without fail. So, brew your favorite cup of coffee and start relishing an entirely pure & rich taste of coffee with every preparation made using Illy’s ground coffee.