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Dallmayr Capsa Espresso Decaffeinato Coffee – 10 pods (Nespresso Compatible)

Dallmayr Capsa Espresso Decaffeinato Coffee – 10 pods (Nespresso Compatible)

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Product name:
Dallmayr Capsa Espresso Decaffeinato Coffee

100% Arabica ground coffee

Package size:
10 x 5 g Nespresso compatible pods

Netto weight:
56 g

Expiry date:
February 2018

Intensity (producer scale):

Nespresso coffee type:

Suitable for:
Dedicated for Nespresso coffee machines

Product description:
We don’t always have the luxury to enjoy a strongly caffeinated coffee. Whether we have a heart condition, calcium issues or our body just rejects caffeine, we need something that will bring us as close to “home” as possible.

Dallmayr Capsa – The Aromatic Espresso Decaf
The disadvantage of decaf coffee is that it’s not always easy to find one that tastes as good as the real deal. Sometimes, we even prefer going without coffee rather than trying a “tasteless decaf".
Dallmayr improved the technique of creating delicious coffee, even without caffeine. They took the finest Arabica beans and roasted them carefully until they reached a perfect stage. The result was an aroma that revealed the scent of hazelnuts, pepper, and cedar – an aroma that is intense and refreshing even without the dose of caffeine.

The Dallmayr Special
In order for the aroma to be kept in the capsule, you need something that will prevent both the sunlight and oxygen from going in. Once this happens, the freshness of the coffee risks leaking out, and the aroma will be compromised.
As a countermeasure of that, Dallmayr mixed a synthetic material for the exterior with an aluminum lid and base, to keep the grounds fresh. Both materials would keep the coffee well sealed, preventing the outside factors from oxidizing the coffee.

In order to get the real taste of coffee, it is recommended that you only use it with a Nespresso coffee machine. Since the pods will be opened on the spot by the small blades of the device, the taste of the espresso will not be compromised.