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Dallmayr Capsa Espresso Barista Coffee – 10 pods (Nespresso Compatible)

Dallmayr Capsa Espresso Barista Coffee – 10 pods (Nespresso Compatible)

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Product name:
Dallmayr Capsa Espresso Barista Coffee

Arabica & robusta ground coffee

Package size:
10 x 5 g Nespresso compatible pods

Netto weight:
56 g

Expiry date:
January 2018

Intensity (producer scale):

Nespresso coffee type:

Suitable for:
Dedicated for Nespresso coffee machines

Product description:
Mixing smart amounts of Arabica and Robusta ground coffee, these Nespresso alternative coffee capsules represent the fastest and easiest way to make coffee every day. At the same time, they are incredibly tasty.

The Perfect Espresso
If you are looking for an espresso that is low in acidity yet expressive in flavor, then Dallmayr’s Capsa Barista should be your go-to. This strong espresso provides a dense cream in the color of hazelnut and a subtle yet charming cocoa hint.
With this coffee, the secret stays in the patience with which it was handled. The experts roasted the beans for a longer time than the regular espresso, therefore offering a smooth flavor with relatively no acidity.

Special Nespresso Compatible Capsules
When Dallmayr created the Barista coffee pods, they had a unique technique in mind: the synthetic outer casing would mix with the aluminum base and lid so that all traces of light and oxygen stay out. As a result, the freshness of the coffee will not be compromised. Plus, you would be able to enjoy coffee that tastes so fresh – you’d think the beans were just ground.

These coffee capsules were created especially for Nespresso coffee makers, so if you own one, they are the best thing you can buy at in our online supermarket. However, make sure to not open the pods before preparing it at the Nespresso machine. To preserve the genuine Dallmayr taste, allow the capsules to be opened up by the machine’s small blades. The less air it takes, the tastier the coffee will be.

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