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Cafedirect Medium Roast Instant Coffee - 200 g

Cafedirect Medium Roast Instant Coffee - 200 g

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Cafedirect Medium Roast Instant Coffee

Instant coffee, Fairtrade

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200 g

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30 November 2018

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Product description:
Craving for a cup of coffee, there is nothing quicker than instant coffee to offer you delight & taste. The medium roast instant coffee by Cafedirect is what you need today to satiate your coffee lust. The coffee is made with authentic coffee beans hand-picked by the experts from the choicest of the coffee plantations. The coffee in use is cultivated employing pure organic techniques that make it richer in taste and aroma. To maintain the authenticity of the product the coffee beans are directly sourced from small farmers.

To accentuate the natural taste of the rich coffee beans, they are roasted skillfully to the medium level. This makes them delectable for use. A spoon full of this coffee is enough to kickstart your day with perfection. You can make a scrumptious Italian coffee with the same and have quality time sipping the magical potion. There are more incredible things about this product, the product comes in a jar packing ensuring that the taste and the original aroma of the coffee remain the same till the end. You can store the coffee easily and brew a cup filled with divinity as and when you wish to. Thus the product comes out in its purest form and offers you the desired satisfaction.