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Cafedirect Medium Roast Instant Coffee - 100 g

Cafedirect Medium Roast Instant Coffee - 100 g

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Cafedirect Medium Roast Instant Coffee

Instant coffee, Fairtrade

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100 g

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31 August 2018

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Product description:
An instant solution for your coffee cravings, the Cafedirect medium roast instant coffee is here to bless you with taste and aroma. The coffee is a fine produce of Cafedirect’s fair-trade policy and thus is a premium product to cherish the taste and the cause behind it. The beans used in the making of the product are grown in the best plantations around the world assuming 100% organic methods of cultivation. This makes them tastefully rich and relishing. The taste of these pure beans is further accentuated to the premium level by the skillful roasting rendered by the experts of Cafedirect.

To add perfection to the produce, the coffee is packed in a jar packing. This ensures that you get the inherent taste of the coffee in the original form. The pack is also easy to use and store in your kitchen shelves. The freshness of the beans lasts with the product and offers you the same original taste with every cup. You can have the instant coffee as and when you want with much ado, thanks to the premium technology of instant coffee making. So, wait n more, grab a pack of medium roast coffee and relish the scrumptious taste of perfectly roasted instant coffee.