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Senseo Mild Coffee – 48 pods

Senseo Mild Coffee – 48 pods

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Product name:
Senseo Mild Coffee Pods

100% arabica ground coffee

Package size:
48 x Senseo coffee pods

Netto weight:
333 g

Suitable for:
Dedicated for Senseo, Philips Senseo coffee machines

Product description:

Take your coffee anytime of the day with this Senseo Mild coffee. Made with the highest quality Arabica beans that are lightly roasted for that distinctive, aromatic, mild taste. For every blend, Senseo Mild coffee captures the beautiful aroma of just-ground coffee during the grinding process to make sure the coffee retains it when it’s packed into those tiny coffee pod of goodness. If you don’t fancy a trip to your local coffee shop, then you can always create a fantastic easy-to-drink and easy to prepare Senseo Mild coffee.

With one push of a button from your Philips Senseo coffee machine and you have the best coffee tasting experience in the comforts of your own home. You can whip up something special too with this Senseo coffee variant, just add 1 ½ oz of Irish whiskey, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and 1 oz of cream, and you got Irish coffee. Fun fact - Caffeine increases your levels of adrenaline, and releases fatty acids from fat tissues, leading to a better physical performance by those who consume caffeine before working out. So whether you’re on the run for some errands, doing a workout, or just relaxing with a book, you can still enjoy a cup of Senseo Mild coffee.