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Senseo Decaf Coffee – 48 pods

Senseo Decaf Coffee – 48 pods

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Product name:
Senseo Decaf Coffee Pods

Arabica and robusta decaffeinated ground coffee

Package size:
48 x Senseo coffee pods

Netto weight:
333 g

Suitable for:
Dedicated for Senseo, Philips Senseo coffee machines

Product description:
Start your day and night with a rich and delightful cup of Senseo Decaf coffee. Contrary to the belief that your cup of joe is only good for breakfast to jumpstart your day, coffee is also a great way to recharge you during the working day. Pop in that pod into the Philips Senseo coffee machine, press that button and you’re ready to enjoy that cup of goodness. Or relax after a long day's work with a cup of joe, anyways it’s Decaf, so you can still get on with your snooze fest. Fact: Decaf coffee (or decaffeinated coffee) is coffee that has undergone through a process of decaffeination to remove the caffeine.

To be labelled as decaf, coffee must only meet the international standard of being 97% caffeine free (EU standards are stricter at 99.9%). Crafted with the finest blend of medium roasted premium Arabica coffee beans, that is known for its milder and less bitter taste. Combined with the highest quality of strong bodied Robusta coffee beans and packed into a tiny pod of goodness. To give you that perfect and balanced coffee every time. Either you’re off to start your morning or calling it a day, this coffee is perfect for you. So pour a cup or two and enjoy all the finest qualities of the Senseo coffee you love, without the caffeine.