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Segafredo Ground Coffee

Not every person has the luxury of owning a coffee grounding machine. That’s why it’s so convenient that you can buy previously ground coffee that tastes and smells as if you prepared it on the spot. Plus, it’s a more timely efficient alternative to spending long minutes every morning grinding the coffee.

The Enchanting Scent of Fresh Coffee
Segafredo has always been a brand to provide strong coffee with great character and sophisticated taste. Therefore, with each scoop of coffee grounds – Segafredo Intermezzo or any other ground coffee from them – you will receive a dose of energy and a pleasurable feeling on your taste buds.

Segafredo usually blends both Robusta and Arabica coffee to get a unique taste that is strong yet elegant, like a nice cup of cream. Also, you should know that Segafredo coffee has a slight chocolaty taste.

All-Purpose Appropriate
Depending on the ground coffee, Segafredo can usually be used for mainly all types of coffee brewers. Therefore, no matter if you feel the need for a cappuccino, espresso or a long coffee, this category will bring you many options.

The Intermezzo grounds from Segafredo are most suitable for the Moka coffee maker – but not limited to it. When brewed correctly, each cup from Segafredo will take you on an exotic cocoa journey – a sweet and slightly spicy one
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