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Segafredo Coffee Beans

There’s no one who knows how to make coffee better than Italians do – and Segafredo is clear proof of that. Every mix was smartly made so that you can enjoy a gentle hug in a cup every morning. This will make you ready to take on the day at full strength.

Fresh Coffee Every Day
Depending on the sealing method, ground coffee can retain its aroma throughout time – but not as efficiently as ground coffee does. Everyone who owns a coffee grounding machine is familiar with the aroma of freshly ground coffee – a scent that you cannot feel in coffee that has been ground prior to the purchase.

No matter if you are going for the Segafredo Espresso or Segafredo Intermezzo, you can be sure to feel an intense aroma every day. Segafredo is famous for the fact that it carefully roasts and mixes both Robusta and Arabica coffee in order to get a unique, sweet creamy taste.

The Italian coffee from this collection will surely play with your senses and taste buds so that you can start the day in a good mood.

Suitable for Any Brewing Machine
Once the Segafredo coffee beans have been ground, you can use them on any type of brewing device. Therefore, no matter if you enjoy drinking a cappuccino, an espresso or an average long coffee in the morning, the Segafredo coffee beans will offer you many options.
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