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Lavazza Ground Coffee

Submerse yourself in the authentic aroma of high-quality ground coffee. By singling out the finest coffee beans in the world, Lavazza focuses on developing a broad palette of coffee blends, to suit all tastes and preferences.

After the coffee beans are carefully selected, the blending stage follows, and this can be conveyed as sheer art. Luigi Lavazza innovated the coffee realm by embracing unique blending recipes. Each recipe is the result of research and innovation. That’s why the results are always recognizable, unique and authentic. By combining distinct types of coffee, he managed to yield the perfect flavor.

The grinding degree has an immediate impact on the coffee’s resistance in contact with water. It is implied that this affects the extraction speed and the finite sensory characteristics of the beverage.

The range of Lavazza ground coffee is suitable for intense and mild aroma profiles alike. Each blend, by itself, represents a unique flavor. Treat yourself with a rich and intense Café Espresso, which is a bold coffee with subtle chocolate notes, or enjoy the Qualita Oro, which features rich honey notes.

The perfect espresso presents distinct levels of bitterness, sweetness, acidity and saltiness. These parameters determine the aroma of the perfect Italian coffee. Also, the flavor of strong coffee depends on the prevalence of the beans.

Brazilian beans provide a full, chocolate-like flavor while Central American beans yield delicate, more aromatic coffee blends. Have a look at our variety of blended coffee grounds and select the ones that will pamper your taste buds.
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