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Lavazza Pienaroma Espresso Coffee Beans – 1 kg

Lavazza Pienaroma Espresso Coffee Beans – 1 kg

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Product name:
Lavazza Pienaroma Espresso Coffee Beans

100% arabica coffee beans

Netto weight:
1 kg

Roast date:
26 September 2016

Expiry date:
30 August 2018

Degree of roast:

Most suitable for:
All coffee machines

Product description:
We all need some gentle aroma in our lives – and Lavazza is fully aware of that. With its flowery sweet flavor, this whole bean coffee is unlike any other coffee beans you may have tasted. With the Lavazza Pienaroma, you will wake up every day in a hug of sensations playing around your nostrils – and down to your taste buds. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Intense Flowery Sensation
If you ever wondered what spring tastes like, it’s definitely like this Lavazza espresso coffee. Originating from certified rainforest plantations, this 100% Arabica coffee mixes jasmine and figs so that you aren’t only feeling the Italian experience, but the rainforest one as well.
It’s a classic yet exotic mix that will send your senses on a new journey with every sip – everything while giving you a dose of well-deserved energy. Prepared in an espresso machine, this one will have a very strong flavor that will definitely wake up all of your senses.

Versatile Perfection
Sometimes, we want to drink a regular filter coffee; other times we feel like having some French press coffee. This is why the Lavazza coffee beans are so wonderful. You can grind them any way you want, and you can use it to make any type of beverages – from espressos to latte macchiato.
This Italian coffee beats every other coffee you may find in a supermarket; it’s a strong drink with a lot of character, which makes it one of the best coffees for every possible taste.