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Cafedirect Medium Roast Ground Coffee - 227 g

Cafedirect Medium Roast Ground Coffee - 227 g

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Product name:
Cafedirect Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Ground coffee, Fairtrade

Netto weight:
227 g

Expiry date:

23 January 2018

Strength (producer scale):

Most suitable for:
Filter coffee makers & cafetieres

Product description:
Another excuse to put the kettle on the stove, the Cafedirect Medium Roast ground coffee is a premium selection of coffee handcrafted to meet your level of expectation. Grown organically, the coffee beans promise authenticity and satisfaction. Accentuating it further the coffee is hand-picked and naturally processed to retain the real flavors and aroma magic of the produce. The experts pick the ripest of the fruit and process it further for your delight. Cafedirect source all its material from the farmers itself hence with every packet you buy, you get a chance to contribute to the farmer community.

The fair-trade policy of Cafedirect ensures that every member of the chain gets the due credit and thus the genuineness of coffee is maintained forever. The pack comes in a handy packing of 227 grams per packet for easy use. Once you start brewing coffee using this premium product you will have a healthy addiction of the drink. The single origin coffee comes in a medium roast that accentuates the inherent taste of the coffee to the best levels and satiates your coffeelust perfectly. The ground is also suitable to use with all types of coffee machines and also for stove top preparations.