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Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Ground Coffee - 227 g

Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Ground Coffee - 227 g

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Product name:
Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Ground Coffee

Ground coffee, Fairtrade

Netto weight:
227 g

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4 February 2018

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Most suitable for:
Filter coffee makers & cafetieres

Product description:
Love your coffee, try the authentic Mount Kilimanjaro ground coffee by Cafedirect and unwind the fresh notes of cocoa. The taste of the coffee is a loan taken from the rich soil of the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania that is renowned for growing the best coffee crops. The snow clad mountains offer freshly melted water to the coffee plants which make them grow the impeccable crop. This premium produce is then handpicked by expert coffee connoisseurs to deliver you the perfect taste of genuine coffee. It is one coffee product that would be a staple addition to your kitchen shelves.

Cafedirect values the taste of coffee lovers and thus the coffee is roasted lightly to retain the original taste and aroma. The roasting further accentuates the taste of the coffee helping every note to tantalize your taste buds. Besides premium taste, the coffee also promises a health boon as it is grown using organic farming techniques. To ensure that no adulteration is done with your favorite drink, the entire supply of coffee is sourced from KNCU coffee cooperative. This is how you get the best taste and flavor in your cup. So, look no further for any other brand and replenish your kitchen shelves with the unmatched taste of Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Tanzania Ground Coffee.