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Cafedirect Full Roast Ground Coffee - 227 g

Cafedirect Full Roast Ground Coffee - 227 g

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Product name:
Cafedirect Full Roast Ground Coffee

Ground coffee, Fairtrade

Netto weight:
227 g

Strength (producer scale):

Most suitable for:
Filter coffee makers & cafetieres

Product description:
The Cafedirect Full Roast Coffee is what you would love to sip. The finest of the Arabica coffee beans from the best coffee plantations around the world are meticulously chosen to make the best coffee roast just for you. The beans are thus processed for the roasting wherein the experts roast the beans right to the second crack and offer you oily, aromatic, balanced and fully roasted beans for your delight. The coffee ground is thus a must grab to relish the dark chocolaty taste of your favorite drink.

Further, the packaging of the product ensures that you do not miss upon the freshness, taste, and aroma of the product. It is packed in refill pouches with a promise to deliver authenticity till the last spoon. Here comes the best part, the coffee beans are a blessing for your taste buds as well as your overall health. How? They are grown using the authentic organical farming techniques and hence are completely pesticide & insecticide free. To accentuate its fineness further Cafedirect deals in fair trade business to ensure that the entire chain of coffee production is met with justice. This makes the drink more desirable than ever.