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Something About Your Favorite Cup of Coffee

There is nothing more refreshing than a freshly brewed cup of Coffee. From making your mornings fresh and energetic to offering your evenings a relaxation dose, a perfectly brewed Cup of coffee has many amazing things to offer. The mesmerizing aroma of freshly grounded best coffee beans binds the mind and soul in its magical spell and offers a treat to the senses.

There are many different types of a coffee variant that make us fall in love with them. While some of us love sipping cappuccino others get their boost from an espresso coffee shot. Whatever may be the choice, coffee lovers unite to claim coffee as the best beverage to have at any time of the day. But, while choosing your favorite cup of coffee have you ever wondered about its origin.

Being a coffee lover, you must be aware of the many variants of coffee but not the interesting stories about them. Yes, the different types of coffee are made depending upon the choices and preferences of the coffee lovers. So whether it is mocha or cappuccino it has its own story of origin.

Something About Your Favorite Cup of Coffee

Picking up a perfect cup of coffee is an art and one has to excel this art for the true love of coffee. Here is everything you need to know about different types of coffee:

A drink that delivers you a booster dose of freshness, Espresso is a type of black coffee that is made in an espresso machine by exerting steam to the dark roasted coffee beans. The thick, golden-brown crema over a freshly brewed espresso coffee claims its authenticity. Though in modern times, Espresso is taken to be the base for many other coffee drinks, the coffee experts claim it to be blasphemy and adulteration to the true taste of Espresso. When added sugar in an authentic espresso coffee shot, it must float on the surface before it finally sinks to the bottom. This is an authenticity check for espresso.
Served in small sizes, espresso is claimed to be the richest in terms of caffeine. The first espresso coffee machine is said to be built in 1884 and since then it has seen many advancements. As the urbanization hit the world, espresso became a status symbol, especially in Italy. In the earlier days, coffee was consumed in standing up bars and the culture was named as “stand at a bar”.

Cappuccino has modernly become the other name for coffee. It is found in every nook and corner shop and people love sipping it at any time of the day. A perfect cup of cappuccino is made by mixing equal parts of espresso coffee, steamed milk, and some milk forth. When made with fresh coffee beans the cappuccino coffee tastes divine. The rich taste and creamy texture of this refreshing drink qualify to the category of desserts.  The coffee is great for evenings when you have a get-together and long gossiping sessions with your family and friends.

Something About Your Favorite Cup of Coffee
Cappuccino is an Italian origin and originated in the early 1700’s. It was locally known as “Kapuziner” and was first made in the Viennese coffee houses. The name commemorates the color of the clothes of Monks in Vienna. However, the word Cappuccino for this creamy drink was first used in 1930 and since then the drink has gained great significance. Even today many restaurants in Austrian region write Kapuziner in their menu.

It can be said as a diluted form of espresso. The name was first used to mock the Americans as they used to dilute the strong espresso to make it more of their use. Technically it is shot of espresso mixed in a cup filled with hot water. Since its inception, Americano coffee has experimented a lot and today what we can see is an advanced version which is creamier and strong enough to offer you a jumpstart.
The word Americano is of American Spanish origin and dates back to the 1970s.The name is also associated with World War II but this is still a debatable issue. It is said that the Americans would dilute the espresso coffee to make it best for them. The taste of the coffee is purely dependent on the selection of coffee beans. The finest the coffee beans, the more tastily would be the coffee.

Irish Coffee:
If you are a coffee lover and open to experiment with your brew, Irish coffee is the best one to try on. It is a cocktail made with the perfect blend of coffee, sugar and Irish whiskey. The three ingredients when stirred to perfection and topped with thick cream, makes a perfect cup of Irish coffee. In the early version of this drink, it was more known for Irish Coffee Cream as the cream was the key ingredient of the drink. Irish coffee is drunk through the cream. Initially, the use of non-whipped cream was advocated. However, today whipped coffee is used generally in making Irish coffee.

Something About Your Favorite Cup of Coffee

There are many telltales associated with Irish coffee but the modern day Irish coffee was first invented by Joe Sheridan. It was a gesture of the person to offer some warmth to the passengers of a sunken boat. He added some whiskey to their coffees. The passengers, when inquired the type of the coffee, Joe told them that it is Irish coffee. Since then the coffee gained popularity and now is favorite of most of us.

No matter what type of coffee you choose, the secret of its taste lies in the best coffee beans. There are many companies that offer coffee beans online. If you have fresh coffee beans in your possession, no one can keep you from making a refreshing cup of coffee. So, what are you waiting for, take out your gears and get set to make a perfect cup of coffee? If not, come to us and we would serve you the best coffee you would have ever tasted. After all, we all are in awe with coffee.

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