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Some Easy to Make Delicious Coffee Recipes

Coffee is a universal drink. The rich leathery texture of this equally vitalizing drink does wonders to your sunken self and makes you a lively and fresh spirit all over again. No matter you grab a cold coffee or a piping hot cup, drinking coffee is equally fantastic in all the ways. The magic lies in the coffee beans that make the coffee richer, tastier and full with the magical aroma.

We all love coffee that the local restaurants serve. And why not, after all, they are the professionals; dealing with the magical bean since long. They have probably mastered the art of making a refreshing cup of coffee. But, it is not always that you have a mood to spend some extra bucks or go all the way down to the shop around the corner, leaving all your homely comfort behind to have a cup of your favorite drink.

If you have kept yourself from having coffee just because of the same reason, here is some news for you. You can make different types of coffee right at your home. Yes, all you need is the best coffee beans and some culinary skills and you know the secret of a perfect homemade coffee.

Here are some amazing recipes that answer your curiosity of how to make coffee at home?


Some Easy to Make Delicious Coffee Recipes

Espresso coffee is one drink that open ups your entire body within seconds of consuming it. It is a complete dose of freshness and taste and is widely known as “the awakening drink”. If you want to make yourself a cup of espresso at home, you must know the secret that, fresher the beans better the espresso. You must buy premium quality coffee beans with the roast date on its package from a good supplier. Another important part is grounding; you must know when to stop grounding. Right grounded coffee gives you the best espresso.
Now, let us start, fill your espresso maker with the desired amount of water as indicated on it. Use of cold, filtered and neutral water is recommended. Switch on the machine and let it heat up. The time would depend on the amount of water and the machine. Now place your port filter inside the machine and fill it with freshly grounded coffee, 18 to 21 grams of coffee would be perfect here. Tamp the coffee and let it brew. The last step is to begin the infusion and end the brewing at predetermined yield level. Your tasty cup of espresso is ready.


Some Easy to Make Delicious Coffee Recipes
We cannot keep cappuccino away from the list of our favorite coffee. It is a rich drink that melts in the mouth to offer you taste and relaxation. The aroma of a freshly made cappuccino tantalizes your senses and let you loosen up. Having a perfect cup of cappuccino sitting folded leg on your couch at the comfort of your home is something amazing, for those who are wondering how one can make cappuccino at home, here is the recipe:

All you need for this is some great espresso coffee, Milk, a glass and a whisk and your favorite cup of coffee.

Let’s start, firstly make some espresso as you always do or as told in the previous recipe. Now heat up half of the milk really hot but do not boil it. Use of creamy whole milk recommended for a rich, creamier coffee. Now whisk the milk to make rich broth on the surface. Keep tapping and swirling in between to make concentrated broth in the center and also to keep the big bubbles away. When you are done swirling and tapping, pour the milk in your espresso coffee and serve a divine cup of fresh, homemade cappuccino. For the finer result, you can use a milk steamer to make frothy milk.

Cold-brewed Coffee:

Some Easy to Make Delicious Coffee Recipes
Those who are serious for their coffee addiction and know the real taste of coffee, cold brew comes as a boon to them. This is one super fine coffee that offers you a great treat in summers. Usually, coffee is considered as a hot drink but its colder forms are equally amazing. Cold brew is different from iced coffee as in cold brew you never heat up the coffee. Here is how you can make a perfect cup of cold brewed coffee.
You need to soak the roasted coffee beans in enough amount of water and let it steep for hours until the coffee beans lose all its essence. You can also use a french press for this if you own one. The steeping time is recommended to be kept as long as 16 hours at the room temperature. Now pour the coffee and let it cool in the refrigerator, sip the tantalizing drink as and when you feel like. If you buy coffee beans online that match the exact standards, you can keep your cold brewed coffee fresh for a week. So, enjoy the relishing drink.

Flavoured Latte:

Some Easy to Make Delicious Coffee Recipes

Another drink that is set upon the nerves of coffee lovers is Latte. It is again a royal drink that tastes the best when sipped hot. To add glamor to the already incredible taste of latte, you can add some flavored syrup to it. Trust us, adding the syrup accentuates the coffee spirit of the drink and make it a perfect grab. To make flavored latte pour 1 1/4  cup of milk in the steamer. Simultaneously brew espresso and add it in a cup filled with your favorite flavor syrup. Pour the frothed milk over the cup ensuring that you hold back the foam. At last, top your cup with the fresh broth and enjoy your favorite drink.

These recipes are great to try at home. However, the selection of the coffee beans remains the primary criteria for making delicious coffee at home. So now if someone asks you how to make coffee, don’t answer them with plain words rather invite them over for a rich cup of coffee at your home and serve happiness.

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